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What is the range of the air audio?

AirConnect speakers have a range of 75 feet from the AirBase. Spread those AirConnect speakers through your house or outside around your big backyard.

My air audio isn’t pairing

If pairing to the speakers does not work, turn off the speakers and repeat the Pairing steps mentioned below. Make sure your speakers are within range of your smart device. If you hear a long beep or a voice indicating low battery, you need to recharge your speakers. Connection may be lost due to low battery. When charging your speakers, only use the enclosed USB cable. 1. Turn on your speakers. When the speakers are connected to each other, pressing any of the power buttons will turn them all on. If separated you will need to turn on each one individually. Do you see a little green light on the back of each one? Good. That means they’re all on and connected. 2. Now it’s time to connect your AirBase to whatever Bluetooth® enabled device you’d like to use. You’ll hear a friendly voice telling you your speakers are in “pairing mode.” 3. Your smart phone or tablet will show a list of devices nearby; just choose “Air.” Now you’ll hear a friendly voice confirming you’re paired. 4. You’re all set. Now you can separate the speakers and put them wherever you want (just so long as they’re within 75’ of the AirBase).

How to add additional air connect speaker

Your Air works great, but you’d like to expand your sound even more. Air allows you to add up to another 75 AirConnect speakers to your AirBase! Pairing extra speakers is easy, all you need to do is click your extra AirConnect speaker to the AirBase and presto! You’ve just expanded your sound.

How to Disconnect Airconnect speaker from your AirBase

Air gives you the flexibility and versatilely to listen to audio the way you want to. This is why you’re able to disconnect AirConnect speakers from your AirBase and reconnect them to other AirBases. To disconnect an AirConnect speaker from your AirBase just follow these steps. 1. Turn off your AirConnect speakers. 2. Press and hold the power button on your AirConnect speaker for 10-15 seconds. The AirConnect speaker will power on and then back off. Make sure you continue to hold it until the AirConnect speaker powers itself off. 3. Your AirConnect Speaker is now disconnected from that AirBase and can be paired to any AirBase your heart desires.

Charging your speaker

We wanted to make things super easy for you. This is why you only need to plug in your Micro-USB cable to one of the Micro-USB ports to charge all 5 of the speakers when connected.

Make your Airconnect speaker its own Bluetooth speaker

Turn your speaker on, you should see a green indicator light appear. To turn your AirConnect Speaker to its own Bluetooth speaker all you need to do is click the power button one time and a blue blinking indicator light will appear. You are now ready to connect your media source to the AirConnect Speaker.