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AIR is one mono speaker, a surround sound system, or five independent speakers. All in one portable, water-resistant system that brings quality music to life, anywhere there’s air.

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Expand your sound with an innovative 5-in-1 audio system.

Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Center
Air Audio Speaker Center
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Tech Specs


Most humans have two ears. That’s why Air has true right-left stereo sound (most other Bluetooth speakers don’t). And with 24 watts when used as one speaker, it has enough boom to shake the proverbial room. Well, with five speakers... make that five rooms. Noice AirBase :10DB AirConnect:98DB Frequency AirBase:88HZ-17KHZ AirConnect: 100HZ-17KHZ Output Power - AirBase 4*3W AirConnect:1*4W


Get lost in the music, not an app. We designed AIR to be independent of software. All you need is Bluetooth, and you’re in control of the playlist and up to five speakers, used solo or together. And with an innovative magnetized design, AIR speakers automatically pair when pulled apart or joined back together. So you can spend time connecting with the people and places that matter most. NO SET UP NEEDED


Sure. AIR has a sleek, simple design. But unlike some brands, we know speakers are all about ears, not just turning heads. AIR is today’s proof that you can sound great, and look good doing it. Smooth sounds are matched with smooth lines afforded by its striking cylindrical form, and neutral tones for a contemporary look. Air is IPX 4 so use it in the shower or in the rain. It is also full portable with a 7 Hour Battery life and full rechargeable. INVENTED TOGETHER by the Quirky Community.


The world’s first pull-apart speaker turns tech and usability up to eleven. Syncing the speakers is as simple as joining and separating two magnets, which are incorporated into the design of the AIR speaker. While the magnets are ingeniously lo-fi, the AIR offers a high-fidelity listening experience: a whopping 24 watts when used as one.