Who are Quirky?

Tech-lifestyle innovator brand Quirky designed the AIR speaker in reaction to an industry that was a sea of sameness. Feeling oppressed by apps and tired of speakers whose functions felt bound by Bluetooth, creator Marc Liniado and the Quirky team wanted to create a speaker that helped music be truly shared. Not a single speaker, limited to a single room. The goal was to radically rethink what a portable speaker could be for people’s lives today. The result is AIR – the world’s first pull-apart speaker, allowing you to listen to what you want, wherever and whenever you want. Now, music can take the lead. Isn’t it time you set your ears free?

What makes the AIR speaker:
• The AIR can function as one mono speaker, a surround sound system, or five independent speakers.
• AIR speakers automatically pair when pulled apart and when joined back together. It’s simple science; we found a way to innovate the magnet. Clever, huh?
• No apps necessary (you have enough already)
• AIR offers the flexibility to join up with other AIR speakers belonging to friends or family.